Our Concept

Colour your life with Balloona Shop!

We are a group of innovative, creative and fun loving individuals providing unique and custom made balloon arrangements for all occasions and ages. 

We provide themed balloon arrangements for  various special occasions and we deliver customer personal design  arrangements. 

Our Hand made section specializes in Kitchen Tea,  Diaper Cake, Balloon Tray, Frames, Wedding Rings, Boxes, Puff & Stuff,

Balloon Flower Bouquets, Arches and Twisting to name a few. Balloona Shop is all set to add colors to your personal and business 
events: decorating venue for Product Launches/Events, creating product balloons, etc… Our team is professional, 
our service is outstanding and our prices are competitive. We create ideas and we deliver quality.   


We invite you to be a part of our joyful family!